How To Search For Albert Icestein

The funny thing about my name is that when you try to google my name Albert Icestein with no surprise, the infamous Albert Einstein, the greatest genius and most notable equation E=MC2, dominates the search engine. Einstein, whom I respectfully take an astounding and astronomical backseat to in any search engine because of his brilliance and fame to which I could never hold a candle to or ever think I am intelligent as he is in comparison, is duly noted. I could never outshine such a magnificent mind, nor would I attempt to.

In my younger years, I immensely enjoyed gangsta rap music from the late 80s and 90s. As a young amateur rap lyricist, I tried to find the right stage name to build my rap persona because my dream was to be a well-noted rap artist with a meaningful name. In 2014, I wanted to come up with a pen name as an author, so I could suggest some creative intelligence and stand out from others as a writer. I hoped to make my name mean something without looking like a comedic parody of Albert Einstein.

Even before 2014, but in early 2000, I asked my ex-girlfriend, when we were together, what would you get if you crossed gangsta rapper and actor Ice T with Albert Einstein. No offense to anyone, but her reply was, “One pissed-off genius.” That wasn’t what I was hoping for because, in my mind, I was thinking of Albert Icestein.

Over the years, I hadn’t thought much more of that name until later, when I started learning what I needed about self-publishing because I wanted to become an author. When I googled the name for business purposes, I discovered that no one was using Albert Icestein as a business entity. So, the best thing to do was to start using it so I wouldn’t lose it and could build an online presence through my website and social media platforms.

Searching for my name now is difficult because Albert Einstein takes precedent over my name, which I’m okay with, plus I have no choice. I discovered, however, that if one were to google my name but did not put a space between the two words, then magic happens. For example, I tend to dominate the search pages. Instead of typing in Albert Icestein, try typing in alberticestein, and ta-da.

Suggesting how to search for me on the internet was just a creative tidbit or fun fact about me that I wanted to share with you, the reader. Thanks for reading!!

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